F.A.Q.  Frequently Asked Questions:    If I participate and write something for the monument of stories….

  • What is a postwar generation?                               Born after Liberation from WWII (in the Netherlands after May 5, 1945)

  • What is a baby boomer?                                          Born after WWII from 1946-1964 (source: wikipedia)

  • Will it cost me anything?                                         NO

  • Will other people see it?                                         YES online

  • May I send it per e-mail?                                        YES, info@coloredbywar.com

  • May I write it by hand?                                            YES, if it is legible.

  • May I mail it by slow post?                                      YES, send to: NL-1022AG 122F

  • May I invite others to write as well?                       YES

  • May I send drawings and photos?                           YES

  • Is there a deadline?                                                  NO

  • Can I react to terrorism nowadays?                         YES

  • May I send a story I have already written?             YES, if it is relevant but we prefer something new

  • May I send a story someone else wrote?                YES, with permission to display it publicly.

  • Do I have to be Jewish?                                             NO

  • Do I have to write in English?                                   NO, Dutch is fine

  • How long can it be?                                                   Up to 20 A4 pages

  • May I send a book I wrote?                                       YES, with permission from the publisher

  • Will I get paid for participating?                              NO, writing submitted on a volunteer basis

  • May I attend the opening on April 14, 2016?           YES, by all means: Nieuw Herlaer 2, Amsterdam Zuid in De Buitenhof theaterzaal at 17.00 hours

  • May first generation survivors participate?            YES, by all means

  • Can I participate an still remain anonymous?       YES, you can change the names in your story.

  • Will the list of participants be made public?         YES, unless you specify otherwise.

  • May I publish my own story later on?                     YES, by all means.

  • Do I need to sign a publishing release* beforehand?         YES, by submitting, you agree to the following:

*RELEASE: By submitting an entry under your own name or under the name of another, you acknowledge taking complete responsibility for any misuse of copyright or other agreements made with or by third parties, thereby releasing Monica van Rijn from any liability.  You also agree to allow Monica van Rijn complete artistic freedom which entitles her to display your entry publicly, bundle your work with that of others and publish them in print or online.  Be sure to date and indicate If you choose to remain anonymous by submitting a declaration (by post or by e-mail) along with your written or visual entry for the installation.  Monica van Rijn reserves the right to include all contributions from others in her art work to be sold without informing or reimbursing participants in any way and remains exempt of any publishing or copyright disputes occurring later on.

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