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Contribute a personal or family story.


You are cordially invited to share a story you think should never be forgotten.

1) Chose a theme: You are welcome to contribute reflections on your own or handed down war experiences, your upbringing, your faith, or lack of faith, your thoughts on war, religion, discrimination, oppression, freedom, remembrance, honor, values, family, family members, resistance movements, fears or seeking refuge in today’s world. Choose something you want future generations to remember.

2) Write and submit your story in the form below. If you choose to remain anonymous you can change the names in your story. Submitted stories will appear in the blog section of the site without the author’s name. If you make a video, please limit it to under 5 minutes. If you chose to remain anonymous, record audio and stay out of the viewfinder during the recording.

3) Volunteer your assistance to the Colored By War project. note:  Although we can be angry with helpless feelings of rage after a terrorist attack such as on Dec. 13, 2015 in Paris, there are some constructive things we can do. We can use the arts to express our frustrations turning into writing and drawings and making history as we do so. War belongs to all of us.

4) Support this project by depositing donations to the Dutch account of IBAN NL 45 INGB 0003 458909 t.n.v. M.M. Franken te Amsterdam.

5) Please send us the ISBN numbers of relevant books written by postwar generations about the subject of war to e-mail address:

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